Garmin Oregon 400t

After months of research on the latest Garmin GPS, I finally deicded to get one for myself; the latest touch screen GPS!! I would not have bought it if my Garmin Vista Hcx would show Chinese text on the map but it didn't. Instead it showed all the garbage symbols....Grr

So now I am NTD16990 poorer. Well atleast they (100mountain) shop in Kaohsiung throw me a bike mount for free.

My first take when I powered the unit up, I was so amazed by the new mapping resolution. It was brilliant, far more better compared to the previous Garmin models I had owned, Vista Hcx, 60Cx, the old Vista and the entry GPS V.

The Oregon 400t Taiwan unit comes with Taiwan Topo ver 6.00NT, Taiwan Highway Exit TwnTopo v6.00 and Taiwan BlueChart v5.00 which I will not have a chance to use it.

Setting up the unit was simple. You have a choice of American English or Chinese. What is great that the Chinese text input can be hand written to make the word search simplier for POI search. For the Chinese text input, you will take time to get use to it. Don't expect a nice chinese charater when you write it but somehow the Oregon is able to find 90% the choice of character you wanted. Oh yeah... you can take screenshot from the Oregon itself. That is how I got the picture out.
Well... I am not going to write a long review on this unit cause most of the relevant information can be found on the internet... just check my resource below for more details. I am going to review if this is my right choice of switching over from Vista Hcx to Oregon 400t.

Reasons for my switch
1. Chinese text input (coz my Vista got no god damn chinese)
2. Touch screen
3. Faster and easier text input
4. Better resolution
5. 3D not really my reason
6. Bike mount that can be mounted on the stem
7. It can be paired with the Heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor
8. Latest toy...hehe
By the way, you can external power the unit by using a USB cable. That is what I will use when in the car. Just get a USB cigarette lighter (USB car charger adapter) and a USB cable that comes with the unit and "volia"!!! You don't have to spend money on the Garmin car charger unit.
I tested the unit under sun on my bike ride last weekend. Well..... the screen under the direct sunlight still is still readable. Honestly the pictures I saw on the internet posted by other reviwers how they said it is not readable is not all correct. I tried to take a good readable picture but my camera just don't come out right. It is better that you see with your own naked eye. Navigation with the touch screen prove to be very useful as you don't have to fiddle with any buttons.

In the Package
- Oregon 400t GPSr
- Manual (Chinese) and warrenty card
- USB cable
- Taiwan TOPO v6 disc (Twn Topo, Twn Blue Chart, Twn Highway)
- Free Bike mount

Cost NTD16,990 (est 772.00 or est USD521.00)

GPS Information

The Oregon 400t Taiwan model is a better grab compare to the US model because it has the option of chinese text input. The Oregon 400t weighs 198gm compare to the eTrex Vista Hcx 163gm both with 2AA battries. It is readable under sunlight. Well.... guess it was money well invested.


  1. Hi Kopitiam,

    I have a Oregon 300 US Version and want to try to change to Taiwan firmware version, but don't know if the Taiwan version could support all languages as the US version. I have here a zip file for *.gtt files on my device. If you can, could you please check if you device can display on map and menus and input character for those languages? (please make a list:), for example Greek, Russian, German...). Thanks!

    I don't know how we can change the font file (*.bin) or maybe firmware to make it use well with other languages such as Thai, Japanese.... Do you know?

  2. Hi thx55,

    In my oregon there is a .gtt file which I belive is for Chinese. At the moment I am still playing around the unit but for sure I only have 2 languages; English and Chinese and yet to input others. I will let you know once it is possible.

  3. hi there
    was wondering where did you get the stem mount?
    thank you

  4. Hi Benkrimsky

    It came with the Oregon as a free gift from a shop I bought in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. You should be able to get it from Garmin Online shop.

  5. hello again
    just wanted to ask a favor if i may?
    could you take a pic of the STEM mount with out the device from an angle? non of the garmin distributers show the mount from an angle so you cant really see if the mount is suitable for a STEM.
    if youll have the time that would be a great help
    thanks again for your reply

  6. Hi Benkrimsky,

    Ok, I do it for you in the next couple of days.